Ford and Stellantis Workers Join Those at GM in Approving Contract Settlement That Ended UAW Strikes

UAW Local 276 Strike Signs

DETROIT (AP) — The United Auto Workers union has overwhelmingly ratified a new contract with Ford and Stellantis, a pact that, along with similar deals with General Motors, will raise pay across the industry.

Ford workers voted 69.3% in favor of the pact, which passed with nearly a 15,000-vote margin in balloting that ended early Saturday.

Workers at Stellantis, the maker of Jeep, Dodge and Ram vehicles, voted 68.8% in favor of the deal. Earlier this week, GM workers narrowly approved a similar contract. The agreements, which run through April 2028, will end contentious talks that began last summer and led to six-week-long strikes at all three automakers.

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