Want To Be An Intern? Apply!

Now accepting applicants for Summer 2019 Internships.


If you want to learn everything about working in radio, now’s your chance!  Apply for an internship with successful radio stations like Cumulus Radio Dallas, you will learn everything about running one of the country’s most successful radio stations, including:

  • What goes into behind-the-scenes producing and daily operations
  • Brainstorming and writing creative pieces
  • Crafting social media content and structuring social marketing strategies
  • Digital Media
  • Board Operations
  • Cutting audio and recording production that plays nationwide

Every weekday, interns might sit in studio during the radio shows, you’ll learn the basics of a show, including how to pull – and write – content, shadow in audio production and show operations, and learn what it takes to be on-air talent and marketing of a station.

Interns who want to get into radio as a career and who are majoring in communications, journalism, broadcast or marketing have priority, it is not necessary.

We’re looking for hard-working, think-outside-the-box types who are willing to pay attention to detail (it matters). If you’re a self-starter who can troubleshoot, think on your own, and are ready to learn and chip in, we want YOU! And obviously, you should love radio!

Fill out your information in the form below and submit your resumé and cover letter telling us why you want to be an intern. Please note that at this time you must be able to receive college credit for your internship in order to be eligible to apply.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].
Please no phone calls.

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