Ernie Brown

 HI, I’m Ernie Brown and I’m going to cover in-depth the most important stories you hear in the news. What’s trending across DFW and the nation.

From politics to taxes, health care, guns, money, to science, if it’s happening in your neighborhood, I’m talking about it with you.

If my name sounds familiar, it’s because I’ve spent a lot of years in DFW on the air. But, I’ve also worked at great stations all over the country including Houston, San Diego, Washington D.C., Phoenix, and Seattle.  Plus, I hosted a national show called America at Night.

During my life’s journey, I’ve become a licensed investment advisor, have been involved in my church, performed stand-up comedy, driven a convertible, flown with the Blue Angels and Red Barons, met and interviewed 3 presidents, gotten lost in the underground at the Capitol in D.C., traveled in and out of the U.S., and tried very hard to keep in touch with my friends who live all over the world. Single and ok with it, I live in a mostly undecorated sleazy apartment in Plano. Oh, and one quick humble-brag…back in music radio, I won the Country Music Association (CMA) Air Personality of the Year. I now use the beautiful leaded crystal trophy as a cup holder.

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