Brian Wiley
5pm – 6pm

Brian started his financial advisory firm, Tree City Advisors, on the understanding that everyone has different goals. Whether the goal is to become financially fit, become healthier, or find more time to enjoy life, Tree City Advisors was created to help people focus on the success they value most. Brian’s vision was to create a practice with no product sales or conflicted advice. Rather, he wanted to focus on the reason he became an advisor in the first placeworking for his clients’ best interests. Brian has been a financial advisor for more than 20 years and has spent the majority of those years educating listeners during his radio programs.The Real Money Pro scan be heard live on Sundays and every weekday via The Real Money Pros podcast. His passion for people, knowledge, and goal-based planning is the centerpiece of the show. He brings talent from around the Treasure Valley to help educate and empower his listeners to help them navigate the sometimes, predatory financial industry.


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