Alternative Investment Show

Alternative Investment Hour

Taking a hard look at what true diversification looks like, your hosts Jeff Johnson and Robert Kuhn take you beyond the traditional stocks, bonds and CDs to look at what else is available. Building wealth means guarding against losses, you can’t do that using a 1980’s definition of diversification. While other shows focus on products, the Alternative Investment Hour goes deeper examining the “Good, the Bad and the Ugly” when it comes to investing. Don’t miss the Alternative Investment Hour Saturday’s 7-8pm right here on News and Information 570, KLIF


From Your Hosts:

“As the former Chairman and CEO of a New York Stock Exchange Publicly listed company, I’ve lived the ‘Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ when it comes to building companies and investing for wealth,” said Jeff Johnson, CEO of EPUS Global. “After almost 30 years in the Energy Industry, I am excited to share my experience, thoughts and ideas directly with the public from a different perspective.”


“When I look at my role in helping clients achieve their financial goals, it’s all about the education,” said Robert Kuhn, Managing partner of Kuhn Capital Partners. “If you haven’t looked beyond stocks you are not truly diversified, regardless of what your advisor says about your portfolio. Those advisors that love to charge fees but don’t really put the effort in are not really helping their clients.”

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