Cornyn Reaches Out to State Leaders as Beryl Moves Out

WASHINGTON (WBAP/KLIF) – There is already talk of federal assistance in the aftermath of Hurricane Beryl slamming the Texas coast before pushing through East Texas as a tropical storm.

Senator John Cornyn said as much on the senate floor before the storm was even out of the state Monday.

“I’ve reached out to the county judges and mayors in the hardest hit areas and assured them that we are monitoring this situation but more importantly we are standing by ready to do anything we can to be of assistance,” Cornyn said on the Senate Floor.

Cornyn confirmed local and state reports that over two million people are without power across the Houston area and southeastern Texas.

“That number is expected to rise as the storm continues to move its way across the state,” Cornyn said.

Cornyn says until more can be known in the aftermath that Texans affected by the storm need to follow the direction of local leaders.

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