Dallas Hotel Adds “Chief Happiness Officer”; A Trendy New Hire

DALLAS – (WBAP/KLIF) – A new hire at the Dallas Fairmont Hotel may have found the sweet spot for many more mutts, formerly “down on their luck”, but later, adopted from Operation Kindness in North Texas. A pup named “Bondi” now serves as “Chief Happiness Officer” at the Dallas Fairmont; well-trained and welcoming to guests and their dogs.

Spokesman David Martinez says Bondi is proving popular with hotel guests; taking her welcoming and de-stressing abilities seriously. Martinez says even people who aren’t “card-carrying dog lovers” enjoy interacting with Bondi; a part of a new trend in Fairmont Hotels around North America and other hotels finding the adopted dogs among the most enthusiastic and hard-working employees on the teams.

Martinez says Bondi is proving such a jewel to the hotel, it’s working on a plan to give back some hotel proceeds to Operation Kindess, in hopes of seeing more dogs adopted from shelters.

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