EXCLUSIVE: Dallas Mayor Proposes Potential Stadium Site for KC Chiefs

DALLAS (KLIF/WBAP) – Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson took his suggestion about the Kansas City Chiefs potentially moving to Dallas a step further on Thursday.

In an interview with Clayton Neville and Laura Sadler on DFW’s Morning News on 570AM KLIF, the Mayor said Hensley Field in Southern Dallas would be a perfect site for a stadium and practice facility.

“That is a 700-acre wholly owned site that is breathtakingly beautiful,” said Mayor Johnson. “And I would argue that you could put together a deal with Hensley Field and the Chiefs that would blow out of the water anything that I’ve seen in the NFL, including Jerry world, and including the Star.

The Mayor’s sit down with KLIF came days after his initial reaction a failed vote on stadium renovations in Kansas City.

When asked, the Mayor could neither confirm nor deny that he has spoken about the potential move with the Hunt family, who owns the Chiefs and has strong Dallas ties. The franchise originated in Dallas.

Listen below to a portion of DFW’s Morning News’ conversation with Mayor Johnson.

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