AAA Texas Predicts Huge Spring Break Travel Season

(WBAP/KLIF) — Many North Texans already have plans for Spring Break, including cruises, flights to vacation destinations, and amusement parks. AAA is predicting a 28% increase in travel over last year.

Meanwhile, travel experts says that with the COVID-19 pandemic fully in the rear view mirror, many are flocking to the cruise lines. AAA Texas’ Daniel Armbruster says 60% of bookings for cruise lines are coming out of Florida, a significant jump this year.

Travel booking agencies have seen a nearly 40% rise in hotel reservations, while the cruise industry has seen close to a 30% increase and airlines a 20% jump in spring break flights. Armbruster says that many Texans will hit popular in-state locations, include Galveston, Padre Island, the San Antonio river walk and state parks.

For those planning to hit the road over the Spring Break holiday, it shouldn’t cost much more than it did last year at the gas pump, as prices are currently sitting at a state-wide average of $2.95 for a gallon of regular unleaded, up just four cents over last year.

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