City of Ferris Hosts Mural Design Contest

Calling all artists… the City of Ferris is having a mural design contest!

Local, national and international artists or artist teams are encouraged to submit their designs, which should represent the city of Ferris.

The city dates all the way back to the early 1870s, and Chief Operations Officer John Deleon says they’re open to all perceptions of that history. Including past, present and future.

“The city is open to all perspectives and interpretations whether it be literally or metaphorically,” Deleon said. “The theme is honoring the history of the City of Ferris and displaying how the city’s footprint in Ellis County has always been a vital part of the region.”

The mural space is 30-foot-wide x 12-foot-tall and is located on the south wall of the Ferris Municipal Government Complex Building facing 6th street.

The deadline to apply is April 8th. Artists will be judged based on their artistic merit, originality, creativity and professional experience in delivering projects of a similar scale.

Included in the submission packet should be:

  • A letter of intent including experience and an explanation of why the interest in this opportunity;
  • A sketch or rendering of the proposed design prepared in any medium;
  • Examples of work similar in scope and size along with a description of past projects including materials, site, and scale.

The winning artist will be announced by mid-May.

Send inquiries and mural design submissions to John DeLeon at [email protected].

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