A Third of Gen-Z Shoppers Have Admitted to Shoplifting At Self-Checkout Registers

Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

(WBAP/KLIF) – According to a new survey by Lending Tree 31% of Gen-Z customers aren’t scanning and paying for all of their items when using self checkout registers.

While some regretted their choice, 44% of those who shoplifted planned to continue their actions, and 37% said that they would only steal essential items like food, or health care goods.

Many customers get away with shoplifting by pretending to scan an item, switching price stickers, and scanning a cheaper item while placing a more expensive product in their cart

Even though business have saved money on labor costs by installing self-checkout registers, many retails are considering removing them all together to combat theft. Wal-Mart has already started removing self-checkout registers from some of their stores across the nation, and Costco plans on stationing extra employees to monitor the self checkout line.

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