Texas Senate Passes Bill Returning Harris County Elections back to Elected Officials

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Texas (WBAP/KLIF) – The Texas Senate on Tuesday passed bill that would return Harris county elections back to elected officials.

In a press release, the Republican lawmaker blasted the Harris County elections administrator over claims reported by KHOU-TV last year that he failed to deliver enough paper ballots to over 120 voting centers during the November 2022 midterms, despite have millions of ballots in an EA warehouse.

The release goes on to say that Harris Ccounty officials are now suing the state Attorney General’s office to block the release of the election records that would shed light on what happened.

SB 1750 returns elections to the county Tax Assessor-Collector who will serve as voter registrar and the County Clerk who will handle election administration duties.

Bettencourt says will save money by eliminating an independent office; and that it will provide stability to elections.

“It passed with bipartisan support 20-11,” said Bettencourt. “Under two different elected officials, the cost of and an independent department will go away and the broad support from the rest of the office will provide professionalism, consistency, and stability to the election

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