Dallas Police Offer Public Interactive ‘Use of Force’ Dashboard

(WBAP/KLIF) — The Dallas Police Department is releasing new information to the public that track instances where officers use force. DPD has developed a new interactive dashboard tool that allows the public to view the departments use of force in the community.

Dallas Police Department’s new Interactive Dashboard of use of force data available at DallasPolice.net

Police Chief Eddie Garcia says a report generated from 2021 data provided some useful information. He says the department has contracted through a company called Police Strategies, LLC to analyze data of when officers’ use force in the field. The tracking of data allows the department to assess information such as racial disparity, neighborhood policing, and the department’s culture. Garcia says DPD will utilize the information to improve officer training and implement strategies to facilitate better policing throughout the metro.

Dallas’ top police officer says it’s another move towards transparency with city residents. The interactive dashboard can be viewed at dallaspolice.net. Garcia explained that the police force is taking an unprecedented step towards transparency with something he brought with him from his time as chief in San Jose, California.

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