Fort Worth PD Demonstrates Transparency in Police Shooting

(WBAP/KLIF) — In the wake of police brutality claims, Fort Worth police demonstrated transparency by releasing body-cam footage of last Tuesday’s shooting. The incident began when 64-year-old Robert Ramos’ wife called 911 to report he was threatening her.

Fort Worth Police Press Conference with Neal Noakes on March 23, 2023

When officers arrived, they tried talking to Ramos for 20 minutes before the man shot his wife’s nine millimeter handgun at them. Police fired back hitting him. Ramos is in stable condition and will face aggravated assault charges.

Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes praised his officers for their conduct. No officers were injured in the incident. To watch Fort Worth PD body-cam footage of shooting, click here.

Listen to WBAP/KLIF report:

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