Fort Worth Fire Department Expands to Match City Growth

(WBAP/KLIF) — A population boom in Fort Worth puts strains on the city’s fire department. Assuring the city’s fire department has adequate equipment, firefighters, and stations is challenging when upwards of 25,000 people move into your city yearly.

Fort Worth Fire Chief Jim Davis

Over the last four years, Fort Worth has grown by around 100-thousand residents, which bodes well for the local economy and tax base, but also presents some infrastructure challenges.

As a result, Fort Worth Fire Chief Jim Davis says they have added two additional fire stations, with land purchased near the Tarleton State campus for a future station. Davis says the department is now staffed with around 975 firefighters and they’ve increased their yearly firefighter recruiting class numbers to keep up with around 30 retirements per year. When he took the job four years ago, the fire department employed around 920 employees.

Meanwhile, two additional replacement fire houses are coming to Bryant Irvin Rd. and Camp Bowie Blvd., as well as Golden Triangle Blvd. and I-35W.

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