Scattered Damage Reports from Thursday’s Storms


Dallas/Fort Worth (WBAP/KLIF) – Severe thunderstorms across North Texas on Thursday brought rain, golf ball sized hail and possibly tornadoes. Damage was reported in various areas of the metroplex.

At Autos of Dallas in Irving, a partial roof collapsed fell onto a shiny new SUV parked outside that a customer had just purchased The general maneger there said the the customer will be taken care of and that 90% of their other vehicles were covered when golf-ball sized hail started falling. Staff and employees retreated to the dealership’s storm shelter.

In Grapevine, home to a giant World Vision warehouse, high winds pulled back the roof which caused flooding inside the facility.

White Settlement police say minor damage was reported from high winds that blew shingles off roofs and knocked over poles and trampolines.

The National Weather Service will be out and about today to investigate reports of possible tornado damage.

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