Discussion of Teen Curfew in Fort Worth Postponed

(Photo: Mayor Mattie Parker)

FORT WORTH (WBAP/KLIF) – New developments in the Texas Legislature on curfew considerations have led to a pause pause on Fort Worth City Council discussions on a potential curfew for teenagers.

“My fellow Councilmembers and I have heard from many residents through our deliberations on whether or not to renew the City of Fort Worth’s teen curfew ordinance,” said Mayor Mattie Parker. “Listening to the voices of our residents is important, as is hearing and learning about other factors when considering such a policy decision. We can all agree the number one priority is keeping Fort Worth’s youth safe.”

The Texas legislative session kicked off earlier this month and the City was recently informed that a bill has been filed in the state legislature which would repeal the authority of cities to adopt or enforce juvenile curfews.

“It is prudent as local policymakers that we work alongside our statewide officials, and we believe that any potential action by our Council could be premature and possibly temporary,” Parker said. “Therefore, we will allow our existing curfew ordinance to expire on February 13, and we will continue to engage with our state legislators on this important issue.”

The February 1 meeting has been postponed in light of these developments at the state level.

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