Thousands Stranded by Southwest Airlines

(WBAP/KLIF) — Many Southwest Airlines passengers are stranded until next year. The nightmare for Dallas-based Southwest Airlines and its passengers continues, as nearly 4,000 flights were canceled, Monday.

Dallas Love Field strands passengers after more than 4,100 cancellations – Dec. 27, 2022 (Photo courtesy of WFAA)

Southwest Airlines canceled 71% of their flights, Monday, stranding passengers across the country. According to recently retired Love Field Aviation Director Mark Duebner, Southwest’s flight scheduling system is efficient, however cancellations can have a domino effect that can sometimes become catastrophic.

Chris Sadeghi with our media partner WFAA says the Federal government is now vowing to look into the debacle of canceled flights across the country. Passengers at Houston’s Hobby Airport recently received some grim news, as the earliest they can rebook a flight is December 31st.

Another issue is also emerging from the thousands of flight cancellations. Not only are thousands of Southwest Airlines passengers being stranded for the holidays, but luggage is arriving at airports without owners. Depending on the airline, passengers are encouraged to file a missing bag claim if their luggage doesn’t show up between the five and fourteen day window.

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