Fort Worth Police Take a Bite Out of Homicides & Guns

(WBAP/KLIF) — Crime analysts and police officers have come together in Fort Worth to reduce homicides and shootings. The Fort Worth Police Department began the Violent Crimes Initiative in April to coordinate efforts between crime analysts, narcotics officers, gang units, and the patrol division.

Fort Worth Captain Ray Bush says the initiative has resulted in nearly 500 guns being seized from drug dealers and gang members. The utilization of data along with unprecedented departmental coordination has taken weapons out of the hands of violent criminals. Bush says that since April, police have seized 15-times as many guns. The new violent crimes strategy is also making a dent in the city’s homicide rate and non-fatal shootings, as both have dropped by double-digits.

Bush says that prior to the Violent Crimes Initiative, gun seizure was less than %. The difference has been crime analysts coordinating with officers working in neighborhoods with the highest violent crime rates.

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