“Winter Wave” of Illness Impacting North Texas


DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – Medical experts are warning of a “winter wave” of COVID cases in North Texas.

According to the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation, COVID-19 lab positivity for both symptomatic and asymptomatic testing increased to over 10% each showing COVID-19 hospitalizations jumped week-over-week by over 106% across Dallas County and 83% in the broader North Texas region.

According to PCCI, the hospital bed occupancy rate is over 92% because of an uptick in RSV and flu cases combined with the increase in COVID cases.

“We will likely see a couple more jump in cases over the next few weeks and then likely bigger jumps towards Christmas and New Year,” said PCCI Director, Steve Miff. “The magnitude for UK was 2 times and Singapore 4 times from baselines, but both of those regions have higher vaccination rates.”

Miff noted that just 7.7% of the Dallas population has received the bivalent boosters, compared to 7.7% across Texas, and 12.1% nationally. 25% of residents 65 years and older, and 7% of the above 5 years old population has received a booster.

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