Texas Power Companies Prepare for Copycat Attacks

(WBAP/KLIF) — Authorities across the country are concerned about copycat attacks on local power grids, after last weekend’s incident in North Carolina. Two electrical substations in Moore County, NC, were were destroyed by gunfire, which left nearly 40,000 residents in the dark.

Electric Substation – WFAA Photo

ONCOR’s Kerri Dunn says security measures are in place, locally, for similar attacks, as company officials work closely with law enforcement to enhance security plans to prevent copycat power grid attacks in Texas. Dunn says that in addition to security measures being tightened, residents can also help in preventing attacks by calling 911 to report such illegal activity.

The North Carolina attack was carried out by criminals who shot sensitive electrical equipment with gunfire. affecting 40,000 residents, some of which have not had power since Saturday. Police are still searching for suspects.

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