North Texas Veterinarians Closely Watch Canine Flu Rise.

WFFA TV – (WBAP/KLIF) – North Texas veterinarians are closely watching a rise in cases of “canine flu”, a group of respiratory viruses and in some cases, bacterial infections that closely resemble each other – but all very contagious and can be deadly; quickly.
Some vets are suggesting while the spread of canine flu is on the rise across North Texas, waiting a few weeks to see if the rates decline before taking your Fido to a dog park or common use dog area.

Symptoms are coughing, fever, sneezing, refusal to eat, and or eye or nose discharge.

If you notice changes in your dog’s gum colors, or Fido can’t seem to cath his breath, it’s time to get emergency treatment. Canine respiratory “flu” can be cured, but it/the group of illnesses can get deadly very quickly.

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