North Texans Hitting the Road For Thanksgiving

(WBAP/KLIF) — AAA Texas estimates over 3.6 million Texans will hit the road for the Thanksgiving Holiday, however, the DFW area is also one of the top destinations for Thanksgiving.

Residents in the Metroplex are heading out to share the holiday weekend with family and friends, watching the Cowboys football game, deer hunting, and eating a traditional meal. Despite a wet forecast for the extended holiday weekend, many DFW residents are packing up the family vehicle and heading out.

Due to gas prices dropping by 15-cents a gallon this week, AAA Texas’ Daniel Armbruster has updated his holiday traveler estimates from 3.6 million to upwards of 3.8 million Texans taking a trip this Thanksgiving. The DFW forecast for the extended holiday weekend calls for rain with possible flurries.

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