Former White Officer Acquitted of Murdering a Black Man

(WBAP/KLIF) — A former white police officer accused of killing a black man is acquitted of murder. 24-year-old Shaun Lucas was acquitted of murder, Thursday, in the 2020 fatal shooting of Jonathan Price.

The ex-cop responded to a fight at a Wolfe City convenience store on October 3, 2020. That’s when an intoxicated Price refused the officer’s efforts to detain him. Lucas used a stun gun to subdue Price, but when the suspect allegedly reached for the taser, Lucas shot the 31 year old, who later died.

The trial focused on whether Lucas was justified in using deadly force against Price. The Texas Rangers had originally determined that deadly force was not justified. The jury deliberated for more than five hours before reaching a decision. The defense had argued Price was drunk, resisted detainment, and reached for the officer’s taser before he was shot.

The case drew national attention because Lucas was a white police officer, while Jonathan Price was a black community activist.

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