Governor says his Office will Make all Available Information on Uvalde Investigation Public

Gov. Greg Abbott

AUSTIN (WBAP/KLIF) – Governor Abbott said this week that he is committed to transparency as the investigation into the elementary school in Uvalde continues.

Office of the Governor Press Secretary Renae Eze issued a statement regarding the expedited release of information related to the shooting at Robb Elementary School:

“All information the Office of the Governor has related to the shooting in Uvalde has already been released to the public or is in an expedited process of being released. Governor Abbott has been adamant since day one that all information relating to the tragedy at Robb Elementary School be shared with the victims’ families, the Uvalde community, and the entire state. As people are aware, the Governor immediately made available his handwritten notes from a briefing with public officials to provide greater transparency. Other public information requests received were overbroad and encompassed information unrelated to the tragedy, and that information will work its way through the usual public information process. The responsive documents concerning the tragedy in Uvalde that are the subject of the overbroad requests are being expedited for disclosure to the public.

The Governor said his office will continue making all available information public, including the full results of the ongoing investigation by the Texas Rangers and the FBI.

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