Two Arrested in Dallas Concert Shooting

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – Dallas Police announced on Thursday that two people have been arrested in investigation into a deadly shooting at a trail ride and concert in April.

According to Dallas Police, Officers arrested 25-year-old Astonial Calhoun, and 26-year-old Devojiea Givens, and charged them with Felony Deadly Conduct.

A preliminary investigation determined fight that broke out at the event, Calhoun and Givens both fired handguns. According to DPD, investigators determined Givens and Calhoun shot into the crowd. Givens and Calhoun were taken to the Dallas County Jail and a magistrate will set the bond.

The investigation is ongoing, with Dallas Police working to identify other suspects who fired weapons, and also other suspects involved in the fight leading up to the shooting. The Homicide Unit urges anyone or if you may know someone to have video footage or pictures from the scene on the night of the shooting that occurred at the trail ride & concert to please upload them HERE.

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