GOP State Rep. Lyle Larson Will Not Seek Re-election

Texas Rep. Lyle Larson (R/District 122)

Austin, TX (WBAP/KLIF) – Republican State Rep Lyle Larson who is known for breaking party lines to vote with Democrats will not seek reelection next year.

Larson of San Antonio was the lone Republican to vote ‘no’ on the controversial elections security bill, and against restricting the teaching of critical race theory in schools. Larson also stood alone on the GOP side of the isle among supporters of expanding Medicaid in Texas.

In recent days, Larson took to Twitter to rail against the Republican-led effort at redrawing legislatives.

In an email to constituents [Wednesday] Larson said that he will follow through on his long-time effort to get term-limits of 12 years passed for any elected state officials.

Larson was elected in 2010.

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