Dallas Based Education Nonprofit Receives $2.5 million in Donations to Support NTX Youth

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF)- Dallas-based “Big Thought”, an impact education nonprofit, receives $1.5 million from philanthropists Mackenzie Scott and husband Dan Jewett.

Scott is the former wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Scott and Jewett made contributions in support of 286 high-impact organizations, these organizations were identified through a rigorous process of research and analysis. Big Thought was selected for its work focused on equity and education to North Texas Children.

Big Thought also received an additional $1 million from the Rainwater Charitable Foundation based in Fort Worth.

The Rainwater Charitable Foundation funds initiatives focused on children and believes that high-quality education can transform the life trajectories of children and families. The donation from the Rainwater Charitable Foundation will support Big Thought’s efforts to tackle racial wealth inequality through systemic change.

Big Thought President and CEO Byron Sanders says this will help provide education opportunities in communities that have traditionally been underfunded.

“Our team at Big Thought is grateful to MacKenzie Scott, Dan Jewett and the Rainwater Charitable Foundation for their investments. We have been doing this work with our community partners for more than 30 years, and these contributions will enable us to keep inspiring all youth to imagine and create a more innovative and equitable world,” said Sanders. “These are transformational gifts that will have a lasting impact. They’ll enable us to learn along with our partners in communities how to center youth agency, deepen our own readiness along a race-equity journey, and equip youth with powerful creative experiences readying them for a twenty-first century world,” he said.

This funding will be invested in expanding on the work Big Thought is doing with its partners in the community to help close the opportunity gap through educational programs, learning communities and advocacy. “Big Thought empowers youth to imagine and design a more equitable and innovative future. This gift will enable the organization to continue supporting youth in communities that have traditionally been underfunded and deliver programs that equip learners with the space, tools and skills to think of new ways to approach challenges, make connections and solve problems.”

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