Biden Lays out US Vax Donations, Urges World Leaders to Join

Courtesy CNN

ST. IVES, England (AP) – President Joe Biden is calling on global leaders to join him in sharing coronavirus vaccines with struggling nations around the world.

He promised the U.S. would donate 500 million doses to help speed the pandemic’s end and bolster the strategic position of the world’s wealthiest democracies.

Speaking in England on Thursday before a summit of the Group of Seven world leaders, Biden announced the U.S. commitment to vaccine sharing, which comes on top of 80 million doses he has already pledged by the end of the month.

He argued it was in both America’s interests and the world’s to make vaccination widely and speedily available everywhere.

He said that on Friday the other G-7 nations would join the U.S. in outlining their vaccine donation commitments.

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