FBI Denies Claim from Former Dallas Police Chief Regarding Murder Investigation Involving Dallas Officer


DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – The FBI Dallas Office denies claims that it recommended against taking a Dallas Police Officer off-duty while he was being investigated in two murder cases.

Former Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall said late Thursday on Twitter that Bryan Riser wasn’t placed on leave at the recommendation of the FBI.

FBI Dallas, Special Agent in Charge, Matt DeSarno said Friday that Hall’s claim can be considered a false statement from a private citizen.

“There is no instance during that investigation where the FBI made any recommendation to keep Bryan Riser on duty,” DeSarno insisted.

According to the Dallas Police Department, Riser became a person of interest in two unrelated 2017 murders in 2019 but remained on duty until he was arrested Thursday morning. DeSarno said the FBI continues to work on the case with DPD, which is under new leadership.

“I have a great relationship with Chief Garcia,” said DeSarno. “I’m really happy that he’s on board.”

Hall clarified her initial statement Friday night, suggesting she should have used different language in her post.

“In an effort to make a concise statement, I said detectives were working in collaboration with the FBI, but I should have stated the recommendation came from the lead organization, DPD, not the FBI,” Hall said.


Riser is charged with two counts of Capital Murder. He is accused of directing another man to kill the two victims in exchange for money.

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