South Oak Cliff High School Covid Shot Registration Today/Saturday 2-5pm

WBAP/KLIF – Health officials in Dallas County are holding a Covid 19 vaccine registration event today for area residents at South Oak Cliff High School.   The event targets area residents because of economic and racial makeup.   More homes in this area do not have as many computers and/or internet connections as do other areas of the county, and most registrations to become eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine appointment are being done online.

It’s hoped the registration event will also help break the line of inequality with regard to getting the vaccine.  Officials note of those registering for a shot in Dallas County thus far, six of ten enrolled for a vaccine identify themselves as white, while only one in ten enrolled identify themselves as Black.  Only 20% of the Hispanic community in Dallas County has signed up for the Covid shot, yet, the community comprises only 20% of the enrollment to be able to get a vaccine appointment.

Again, health officials are holding a Covid 19 vaccine registration event today at South Oak Cliff High School, with the specific goal of creating more equity in numbers of residents registering to be able to make an appointment to receive the Covid 19 vaccine.

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