Texans Worried About 2nd Amendments Rights

(WBAP/KLIF) —  The political climate has heated up to the point that Americans fear their 2nd Amendment rights might be targeted by a possible Biden-Harris Presidency. Joe Biden has made numerous statements about banning assault weapons, restricting magazine capacity, and dictating how many weapons Americans can buy each month.

Gun stores, such as “K-5 Arms” in Trophy Club, are having a hard time keeping firearms and ammunition in stock. Co-owner Frank Guerra says with a record of over 17-million background checks to purchase firearms this year alone, Americans are concerned.

Guerra says government leaders shouldn’t be allowed to eliminate constitutional rights and the democratic party has swung so far left that it’s aiming at infringing on 2nd amendment rights.  As a result, gun sales in Texas have gone through the roof.

Citizens across the country have packed gun dealers to purchase firearms before a potential change in command at the White House.

Biden has proposed tightening gun rules, including requiring background checks for all firearm sales, including online and at gun shows.  Nearly 5-million Americans bought a firearm for the first time in 2020. The rush to purchase firearms is emptying gun dealer shelves and creating an ammunition shortage across the country.

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