1000-Vehicle Strong ‘Back the Blue’ Cruise Accused of ‘Intimidating’ Black Church in Dallas


Dallas (WBAP/KLIF) – Controversy surrounding a ‘Back the Blue Cruise‘ which held a rally outside Friendship-West Baptist Church Sunday afternoon. The cruise across D-FW included some 1000 vehicles from numerous auto and bike clubs.

On Facebook live video, vehicles could be seen streaming into the parking lot of the church which is known in the community for promoting social justice; the church currently displays a Black Lives Matter banner.


Pastor, Rev. Frederick Haynes saw the action as “intimidation.” Some of the participants flew Trump flags and at least one Confederate flag was seen.

“You do not come to our community to intimidate us. As far as I’m concerned they came for us and we did not send for them,” Haynes told a congregants gathered at the church for a Black Lives Matter event on Sunday. .

Cruise organizer Nathan Abrams told our media partner, WFAA-TV that he didn’t intend for there to be any controversy. He said the intent of the event was to show support for law enforcement, and that he told participants not to bring flags of any kinds.

“It’s not about division, it’s not about anything other than coming together as one.”

Abrams said they did not mean any harm when they stopped at Friendship-West. They said it was just a convenient pit stop on a long ride around D-FW.

“My heart goes out to the church, my heart goes out to the pastor.”


The incident sparked a Black Lives Matter rally later in the day organized by Next Generation Action Network.

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