A 50 Thousand Mark Week, but Covid 19 Numbers Down The Last Week In Dallas County

DALLAS – WBAP/KLIF –  Dallas County Saturday reaches the 50 thousand case mark of Covid 19 infections, but today again reports a number roughly half that of what we had been seeing prior to this last week of reports of new cases.

Dallas County reports Saturday 614 new cases; 10 deaths, but the region has reached the 50 thousand caseload mark, and Dallas County marks it’s second deadliest week for the week ending the end of July, with 77 deaths.

Worth noting as well; the skew has changed in that more than two thirds of all new cases of Covid 19 are attributed to infecting those below the age of 65.

Denton County reports 91 new cases and one death; Collin County, 50 new cases and one death.

Also in Dallas County, more than two thousand children under the age of 18 are confirmed Covid 19 positive since the first of July.  52 of those children have been hospitalized.

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