Almost 160,000 COVID-19 Cases in Texas

(WBAP/KLIF) — Positive tests to the Coronavirus continue to pour in from the Metroplex. 39,500 cases have come in since the pandemic began.  On the flip side, the mortality rate continues to plummet as the D-F-W area is down to 1.7%.  Dallas county reports over 21,300 cases with a death rate of 1.7%. Tarrant county eclipsed 12,300 infected residents with a 1.8% mortality rate.


Collin county reports just under 3,000 COVID-19 cases and a 1.4% fatality rate, while Denton has more than 2,800 cases with the areas lowest death rate at 1.3%. Meanwhile, just over a half percent (0.55%) of the Texas population has tested positive for the Coronavirus, which has a mortality rate of 1.5%.

Texas has surpassed 2,400 deaths due to the pandemic.  State health officials report nearly 160,000 cases of the virus, with over 21,000 in Dallas county alone where they also have 373 fatalities.  More than 14-hundred new cases hit North Texas, Tuesday.

Tarrant county reported 605 new cases, outpacing Dallas county which showed 601 newly infected residents. Collin county confirmed 115 new positives, while Denton had 105.   The COVID-19 death toll sits at 680 in the Metroplex.

Listen to WBAP/KLIF report:

Dallas county 21,338 cases (601 new), 373 deaths, 1.7% mortality rate

Tarrant county 12,334 cases (605 new), 228 deaths, 1.8% mortality rate

Denton county 2,845 cases (105 new), 37 deaths, 1.3% mortality rate

Collin county 2,997 cases (115 new), 42 deaths, 1.4% mortality rate

Metroplex 39,514 cases (1,426 new), 680 deaths 1.7% mortality rate

Texas 159,986 cases, 2,424 deaths, 1.5% mortality rate

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