Hundreds of Dallas Police Officers Tested for COVID-19 Amid Rising Cases, Recent Protests

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – The Dallas Police Association is facilitating COVID-19 testing for its officers amid a recent spike in cases statewide and across the metroplex.

Safe Work Health is conducting the tests at DPA Headquarters this week for all DPD Officers and their spouses who wish to be tested. DPA President Mike Mata said Tuesday that the testing is an opportunity to provide peace of mind for Officers who worked recent protests over social injustice, and for those in close contact with the community daily.
“Since we’ve had some of those riots to where we had individuals screaming in our face and spitting at us, Officers are even more worried,” Mata said.

DPD is anticipating more positive tests but Mata says its best to get an idea now of how rampant if at all the virus is within the department.

“Just like in the public,” said Mata. “The more people you have tested, the more positive results you’ll get. But I spoke to city leaders and Chief Hall and everyone would like to know what the number is now and get those people quarantined from the department.”

Mata said 600 Officers or their significant others registered to be tested this week. He expects hundreds of additional walk-ins.

Listen to Clayton Neville’s story below:

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