UT Regents Approve Campus Plans for the Fall


AUSTIN (WBAP/KLIF) – The University of Texas System Board of Regents unanimously approved plans Monday for the system’s eight UT academic institutions to offer in-person, online and hybrid courses in the fall, while taking numerous and extensive measures to protect the health and safety of students, faculty and staff.

According to board, given the changing dynamics of the coronavirus pandemic, each institution is prepared to quickly alter its plans and step back or close on-campus activities if conditions require it.

Board Chairman Kevin P. Eltife thanked the presidents for working closely with each other and the chancellor to develop comprehensive and nimble plans that prioritize the needs and health of students, faculty and staff.

“The UT presidents and their teams have taken a thoughtful approach to plan for all aspects of campus operations in the fall,” Eltife said. “The leadership at each campus has been exceptional through this challenging time, and all the presidents, Chancellor Milliken and System staff have the Board’s gratitude and support as they continue preparation for any eventuality.”

Each institution’s plan includes details that address:

  • phased and limited return of the workforce, with staggered arrival and departure times;
  • continued remote work where possible;
  • extended hours of building use to reduce density and pedestrian traffic;
  • mandatory masks and physical distancing;
  • testing protocols, isolation requirements and contact tracing;
  • increased thorough cleaning and disinfecting regimens campus-wide;
  • signage on movement and physical distancing within buildings and on campus grounds;
  • physical barriers in offices, classrooms, and buildings;
  • housing and dining restrictions;
  • minimizing campus visitors;
  • limiting large gatherings on campus;
  • regulating athletic practices and events; and
  • preparing for mental and emotional health issues.

The plan for each academic institution is dependent on factors such as location, size, residential population, athletics, research and other factors. The plans do have some common elements, including starting the semester in late August and ending most in-person academic experiences at Thanksgiving, followed by online learning through the end of the semester.

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