Texas House Speaker Says Not Wearing a Mask is Keeping Businesses Closed

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF NEWS)- The debate on if the government should be allowed to implement mask requirements rages on in Texas as the state halts its reopening due to a massive spike in confirmed cases and hospitalizations.

Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen told WFAA’s Inside Texas Politics that if Texans want to see businesses re open and the economy move forward, they should be wearing a mask.

“the reality of it is the populations that we’re really trying to reach on wearing a mask don’t wanna be told what to do which is bizarre because its the same population who says they want to economy 100 percent open and they want freedom and they want liberty not wearing a mask is infringing on my freedom and my liberty not wearing a mask is keeping business from being 100 percent open,” said Bonnen.

Bonnen says the state didn’t re open too early but instead says the recent spike in cases is caused by memorial day weekends gatherings, protests, and socializing in bars.

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