Denton County Confirms 83 COVID-19 Cases and 1 Death, Lewisville Man in his 40’s

DENTON (WBAP/KLIF)- Denton County now has a total of 83 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and it’s first reported death of a Lewisville man in his 40’s.
Doctor Matt Richardson with Denton County Health said there are 8 cases at the Denton State Supported Living Center, that houses more than 400 people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and are cared for by approximately 1,400 employees.

“I think the State Supported Living Center is faced with a difficult task and that is to make sure they are maintaining social distancing for those residents but I think that’s more challenging with that population than others and they are doing their best,” said Richardson. In a letter to Governor Greg Abbott, Denton County Judge Andy Eads and Denton Mayor Chris Watts said, “Many residents have pre-existing health conditions that leave them especially vulnerable to diseases that have a disproportionate mortality on the medically compromised” adding residents have intellectual or developmental disabilities that make it hard for them to understand social distancing.

They are awaiting additional resources from Governor Abbott but they were able to get some testing kits sent over and test around 140 people.

“Currently we are testing the most vulnerable patients to protect our medical infrastructure because we are worried about surge,” said Richardson.

Once additional resources come in, they will begin to test at risk employees.

Denton County is under a stay at home order, along with many other counties in the metroplex.

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