North Texas Businesses Help Those Affected By Noah’s Event Venue Sudden Closures

MCKINNEY (WBAP/KLIF)- Thousands of people nation-wide have been affected by the sudden closure of an event venue chain that filed for bankruptcy.
Around 30 Noah’s Event Venues closed nation-wide leaving many scrambling to find a new place to have their weddings or parties.
Genena Armstrong of McKinney planned to have her 50th birthday party this May at one of Noah’s three North Texas Locations. She said she found out through Facebook and couldn’t believe it. “Why didn’t they just tell me there were having problems?” Armstrong said.
“We called the bank to stop payments and we lost about $2,000,”she said. “But I feel even worse for the people with weddings who lost thousands more,” she said. Several other North Texas venues are now making accommodations to help those affected by waiving fees and cutting costs.
There has even been a Facebook Group made to help these people get in contact with other venues and more information on filing a claim.
The McKinney Chamber of Commerce also released a list of local businesses wiling to help. “Florists and cake decorations Djs and wedding planners…everyone is coming together to tell these people we are here to help and we want to help…I’m happy to be a part of that,” said Jennifer Klassen Owner of Gather in Downtown McKinney. Gather, is a family owned and operated business in McKinney’s Historic Square.
Genena and her husband Leroy Armstrong toured Gather today and it just so happened to be available for her birthday. “Maybe it’s meant to be,” said Armstrong. She said she’s had a good experience looking for another business to help her. “First and foremost they all had empathy find anyway to help by lower the cost and wanting to help us in any way they could,  it was just over the top support,” said Armstrong. In order for these people to get money back, they must file an ‘administrative claim’ with the Utah Bankruptcy Court.
Venue List Provided by The McKinney Chamber of Commerce:

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