Old Funeral Home Transforming Into Upscale Boutique Hotel in Old Town Keller

All pictures provided by City of Keller Harmonson Hotel Presentation

KELLER (WBAP/KLIF)- A North Texas family is taking an old funeral home in Old Town Keller and transforming it into a unique luxury boutique hotel. The Harmonson Boutique Hotel, a 6,200 square-feet one-story hotel, will feature 10 high-end unique rooms and suites, a continental-style kitchen, outdoor pool, arbor areas with lounge seating and fire pits and an open area for dancing or small gatherings. “It’s going to have an art decor with a modern twist to it…we are going to pull in some family history into it,” said property owner Sue Salstrand. “We want to be an anchor for Old Town Keller and attracted people to come to see what Keller has to offer and host events there,” she said.  

The existing building at 137 Hill Street was constructed in 1987. It was originally a church building that was converted into a funeral home. The Lucas Funeral Home relocated in 2016, and the property has remained vacant. Salstrand addressed some concerns of it being in an old funeral home and she simply said they aren’t even going to play into the ‘spooky factor’ many people associate with funeral homes. “I did read some of the comments on Facebook about that,” Salstrand laughed. “People don’t die in funeral homes…those are actually safe places if you are worried about ghosts,” she said.

On January 2, 2020, the City mailed out 33 letters of notification for Public Hearing to all property owners within 300 feet. Salstrand provided Staff with letters from 11 signatures of support from the immediate area.

“This I see as a catalyst for the east side of east side of Old Town this is really going to bring some life to that side of town and the city is starting to do renovations in that area so this is a good fit and good timing,” said Keller Mayor Pat McGrail.

She hopes the hotel will be open by the early Spring of 2021. She said they are aiming for the $200 price range she said the hotel will offer high end suites, lofts and have rooms catered to families.

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