CDC Confirms First Coronavirus Case in Texas

Capt. Jennifer McQuiston

SAN ANTONIO (WBAP/KLIF) – The Centers for Disease Control confirmed the fifteenth Coronavirus case in the United States on Thursday.

It marks the first confirmed case in Texas and comes out of the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio where hundreds of people are in quarantine. Health officials at the base said Thursday and one of close to 250 people being quarantined after leaving China where the virus originated is infected with the illness.
According to Captain Jennifer McQuiston, the other patients are being watched closely.
“We continue to monitor these passengers everyday, twice a day, with temperature checks,” McQuiston said. “We’re looking at symptoms.”
John Hellerstedt with the Texas Department of Health Services said the quarantine served its purpose in this case preventing exposure to the public.
“What you see in front of you is that system working exactly as planned,” Hellerstedt said.

The infected patient is now in isolation. Health officials believe it’s possible more people in quarantine could be infected. But risk to the public remains low.

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