Former NBA Star Kobe Bryant and Others Dead in Helicopter Crash

UPDATE 4:42p.m. Officials in Los Angeles report a total of nine (9) dead in today’s crash.  Kobe Bryant’s daughter Gianna, reportedly among the dead.

UPDATE 2:24 pm – Authorities say the crash happened just before 10 am, Pacific time.  A news conference is scheduled to begin soon.  The helicopter crash sparked a brush fire, with about a quarter acre going up in flames.  Because the crash was on a steep hillside, rescuers had reported trouble getting to the site to try to help victims.

Bryant retired in 2016 after 20 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers.  He was third on the NBA’s all time scoring list at his time of retirement.

LOS ANGELES – Former NBA star Kobe Bryant is dead, and as many as four others were also killed in a helicopter crash in Calabasas California Sunday.  They were aboard his private helicopter when the chopper went down and a fire erupted.  Rescuers say there were no survivors.  More details as they become available.  Bryant was 41.

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