City of Arlington Stops Pedicab Chauffeur Service Near Stadiums

ARLINGTON (WBAP/KLIF)- The City of Arlington unanimously voted to end the Pedicab chauffeur service, shuttling Cowboys and Rangers fans near stadiums in the Entertainment District. Arlington Mayor Jeff Williams says it was a safety concern because some drivers would pick up and drop off in restricted areas and overload the bikes with too many people. Steve Burdick Owner of Go Green Pedicabs has been driving fans since he started the company 15 years ago. He said he even moved to Arlington because the business was so good. “Ironically the city just did a piece on what I do as part of the ‘dream city’ but they just eliminated my dream job,” said Burdick.

Burdick said this was all part of his retirement plan and his main source of income. “I’m trying to be positive about the future but right now it’s pretty devastating,” he said. “I’m not too sure what’s going to transpire at this point.” 

Mayor Williams said the Pedicabs have been a problem for quite some time. “It’s really a shame. Because this council and this staff have been very patient. We wanted this program to work and it’s just not,” he said.

However Burdick said council didn’t do enough to enforce riding rules to eliminate the bad drivers and it ruined it for everyone. “There’s a process that provides for getting rid of these people….3 citations and you’re out,” he said. “The city says they are still seeing the same problems but that’s because it’s the same people causing the problems and the city hasn’t done anything about it.”

The ordinance to end the service begins this March.

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