McKinney Teen Gets Invite to Help Decorate the White House for Christmas

McKinney, TX (WBAP/KLIF) – Only 120 people out of thousands got an invite to help decorate the White House for Christmas…

One of the lucky ones was McKinney teen Mik [like bick] Messner who thought it was a long shot when he applied earlier this year

“Oh I’ll never get it, there’s too many people wanting this, but never say never.”

He loves decorating for Christmas and told WFAA that he recently spent 4 days, ten-hours-a-day helping to deck the halls of the West Wing; but, the 18-year old admits that his biggest ‘gift’ was being just feet away from First Lady Melania Trump during a White House reception.

Watch more about the opportunity from our media partner WFAA-TV.

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