North Texas Member of LeBaron Family Speaks Out after Brutal Attack

Anna LeBaron

DALLAS (WBAP/KLIF) – A member of the historically polygamist family victimized in a brutal attack in rural Mexico is demanding action from the Mexican government.

Authorities said this week that nine Mexican-American women and children of the LeBaron community were massacred by a group of men believed to be linked to a Mexican drug cartel. The attack happened in the rural area of La Mora.

Anna LeBaron lives in Dallas after being born into the LeBaron community. Her grandfather moved his wives and children to Mexico to avoid prosecution by the U.S. government for practicing polygamy.

“My father had 13 wives and fathered more than 50 children,” said LeBaron. “I am no longer part of that faith. I don’t practice polygamy.”

Anna and her immediate family left the LeBaron colony when she was an infant but she still has ties the community which she says was rattled by the attack.

“They do live in fear,” said LeBaron. “They do have a reason to be afraid.”

According to Anna, the LeBaron community and the Mexican drug cartel have a history of conflicts in the rural portion of Mexico they occupy. But she said it’s unclear if the attack was deliberate or random. Regardless, she is calling on the Mexican government to put an end to the brutal murders she claims happen too often in rural Mexico.

“We would like to use this as a way of getting the Mexican government to do their job,” Anna said. “And make it possible to allow the Mexican citizens to live their lives in peace.”

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