Hundreds of American Airline Catering Workers Protest for Higher Pay, Dozens Arrested

FORT WORTH  (WBAP/KLIF News) – Dozens of catering workers who service American Airlines were arrested during a protest outside the Fort Worth-based carrier’s headquarters Tuesday morning.

Hundreds of Unite Here-represented workers showed up to protest what they said were low wages being paid by American to its catering subcontractor LSG Sky Chef and Gate Gourmet employees.

Unite Here said one in four workers who provide food and drinks to American and its hubs earn less than $12 per hour and on average that’s less than employees for the same contractors serving airlines at Delta and United hubs.

The group said at DFW International Airport, one of American’s most profitable and busiest hubs, airline catering workers earn as little as $9.85 per hour.

Unite Here also pointed out that American reported a 2018 annual profit of $1.9 billion and is preparing to move into it’s new Fort Worth headquarters this month.

Tane Stover, an LSG Sky Chef’s employee, was arrested and said she and her colleagues shouldn’t have to work several jobs to make ends meet.

“We don’t want to go on strike but we will if that’s what it takes for American Airlines to know that one job should be enough. We’re going to continue to fight until one job is enough,” she said.

LSG Sky Chefs said they feel progress is being made to get employees better wages and they’ll continue to negotiate on their behalf.

Unite Here said over the past two months, in terms of votes held among 15,000 airline catering workers at 33 airports, workers voted to strike when released by the National Meditation Board.

The group requested to be released from mediation with LSG Sky Chef’s citing Sky Chefs may be unable to resolve the dispute without consent from American Airlines on the financial terms.

In a statement, American said it supports the employees right to protest and collectively bargain a new deal.

However, the company added that higher wages will likely result in higher prices for the consumer.

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