Local Restaurants Throw out Thousands of Dollars Worth of Food Amid Power Outages


Dallas (WBAP/KLIF) – A number of area restaurants are still in the dark after Sunday’s storms.

From Deep Ellum to Highland Park Village to Lakewood and more, Guidelive.com reports that dozens of eateries have been forced to throw away thousands of dollars worth of food.

Jimmy Park, (picture below), chef and owner of Nori Handroll Bar in Deep Ellum says they had to do it “to assure quality for customers.

“Everything is lost,” says Jimmy Park, chef and owner of Nori Handroll Bar in Deep Ellum.

“I’m here with my guys, throwing everything away. Thousands of dollars, but I need to assure quality for Nori customers. I don’t think we will even be able to open tomorrow. Our walk-in cooler is not working.”

Julian Barsotti, who owns four Italian restaurants in the park cities said the “economic hit is significant because insurance doesn’t cover” that type of loss.

At least one area kroger threw out food as well.

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