Gov. Abbott Signs Bill Making Lemonade Stands Legal in Texas

AUSTIN (WBAP/KLIF) – Kid’s lemonade stands will soon be legal in the State of Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill this week that makes it illegal for cities or homeowner associations to have rules that would stop kids from selling non alcoholic drinks on private property. The Governor signed the bill in a video posted to Twitter with an ice cold glass of lemonade in hand.

“This is common sense legislation,” Governor Abbott said.

The legislation came about after Overton, Texas Police Officers shutdown a lemonade stand in 2015. The children claimed they were trying to make money to buy their dad a Father’s Day present.

Abbot said in the video that the law will prevent something like that from happening again.

“So Kids, Cheers,” the Governor ended the video.

The law takes effect September 1.


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