Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall Responds to Criticism Over Increased Violent Crime Rates

DALLAS  (WBAP/KLIF News) – Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall is under fire from city council members who are concerned about the increase in violent crime.

There have been more than 90 murders across the city this year. Dallas is on pace to end the year with almost 230 homicides, which would be double the number five years ago.

Councilman Adam McGough called the Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee Meeting Monday and asked Hall for the reason behind the spike.

“I think when you’re asking me to determine why people commit crime…I don’t think as a police department we have that answer other than individuals commit crime due to opportunity,” said Chief Hall.

The department is increasing patrol in eight high-crime areas, and at spots like the embattled Jim’s Car Wash in south Dallas which are known for attracting large, unwanted crowds.

Hall told the committee the best course of action is to focus on things the department can control not why crimes occur.

“Making sure that those businesses that have the opportunity to be robbed…those individuals that have the opportunity to be robbed…that we target hard and protect those entities and/or those individuals,” she said.

Earlier this month, Governor Greg Abbott directed the Texas Department of Public Safety to provide direct support to Dallas Police in their efforts to reduce violent crime and protect citizens.

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